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These blades are made from High Carbon Steel which means with some simple care- they are easy to maintain. High Carbon Steel should be kept clean, dry, and lightly oiled to prevent rust.  Over time they will develop a natural patina which is a form of protective oxidation that darkens the blade.  While not all patinas develop evenly, patina is good and tells the story of your knife. Our knife handles are made from various materials like stabilized wood, micarta, and other synthetics like G10.  Keeping them clean and dry is all that you need.  In some instances a high quality wood treatment maybe needed to restore the luster of stabilized wood.



  • Do keep your knife clean, dry, and lightly oiled when not in use.

  • Do allow it to patina, this will help protect the knife.

  • Do not ever put high carbon steel in the dishwasher- it will rust!

  • Do not use your knife as a pry bar, screw driver, hammer, axe, or any way not intended.

  • Do keep your knife sharp.  High Carbon Steel is easy to sharpen with multiple methods, techniques, and tools. To avoid resetting the angel of the edge just be consistent.

Lastly, these pieces are made by hand. While there may be imperfections like uneven plunge lines, grind marks, and/or scratches- each piece is unique. Modern tools are used like a 2”x72” belt grinder, drill press etc.  But a human hand is the driving force which means, try as we might- we’ll never reach scientific perfection. This is in keeping with the Antioch Forge motto, “Chase After the Wind.” 

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